A congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Pastors at Redeemer will perform weddings for members at no cost within the greater Lynchburg area. Couples may provide honorariums if they so desire.
Couples must complete pre-marriage counseling with one of Redeemer’s pastors, or someone approved by the session.
Pastors cannot miss Sunday mornings due to weddings except in rare instances and only with prior consent of the session.
Couples should plan their wedding budgets with the following in mind:

      • Weddings occurring outside the area (Lynchburg, Bedford/Campbell County) need to reimburse the pastor at the going rate for mileage to and from the rehearsal and wedding.
      • If the distance is greater than 60 miles the couple needs to provide housing for the pastor.

Weddings should be timed so as not to compromise the Lord’s Day worship. Pastors will not to do weddings that start later than 5pm outside of the Lynchburg area on Saturdays or on Sundays without consent of the Session.

Download Premarriage Counseling PDF