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Servant Team

Redeemer Students Servant Team

The Redeemer Students Servant Team will provide you with the opportunity to serve and take ownership and leadership of our Redeemer Student Ministry. This will happen through prayer, using the gifts and talents the Lord has given you,  a smile and a simple “hey, how are you?”,  and serving in the day-to-day parts of our ministry. The Servant Team is vital to the furtherance of the gospel in our ministry. The fact of the matter is that you as a student can have a great impact on the lives of your peers.


What does the Servant Team do?:

Plan Meetings: Attend periodic planning meetings, give feedback, and give suggestions.

Welcome/Set-Up: Create a welcoming environment for new and regular attendees, help to set up and prepare for programs, and help break down/clean up after programs.

Prayer: Our Servant Team members should be praying throughout the year during personal prayer time in addition to corporate prayer

Servant Team members also can help with:

Snacks: Help prepare, set up, break down, clean up Sunday night snacks.

Sunday Nights: Plan/lead games, make announcements